Accounting Professionals

Our founding owner and principal consultant is an Associate Member of


With 20 years experience in accounting and IT implementation roles and with access to regulatory resources, we have a wealth of knowledge and skills at hand.

We provide consultancy on the following:

  • UK Income Tax
  • UK and International VAT
  • Financial Reporting Standards
  • Transaction Processing
  • Reporting

Regulatory Framework

Income Tax

We provide guidance to businesses and individuals on the following:

  • PAYE and NI
  • Corporation Tax
  • Budget Changes

Rules on VAT are complex and we aim to simplify these with our expert guidance:

  • UK, EU and other transactions
  • Reverse Charges
  • % Rates
Financial Reporting Standards

The standards on Financial Reporting are continually being updated so to keep up to date, contact our team for guidance and advice.

Back Office

Transaction Processing

We offer small businesses the option to leave thier transaction processing to us.

  • Sales Invoicing
  • Purchase Invoice processing
  • Bank Reconciliations

In conjunction with our trasnaction processing, we can provide:

  • Management Reporting
  • Draft Accounts
  • Submissions to HMRC and Companies House

If you want to take advantge of these services, contact us for details of the options available.